Welcome to the Lone Star Rider's Group!


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Feb 25, 2006
Once you join the Lone Star Rider's Group you can post in here, just follow the instructions in the "Announcement".

Non members can view the forum but can't post or reply, thus allowing you to make plans and announcements without interference from people from Michigan :D...
Welcome, what part of the greatest state do you reside. Or... where you stay, or how bout... where's your crib:D

If I can find an TX map around here I will scan it in and save it to a PDF and post it. If I do it will everyone be able to edit it and pine there location do you think.:rolleyes:
where goodfellow lives

to every one:D,

ingleside is located due north east of corpus christi about 18 miles or so on the bay. i have lived there about 10 years and enjoy it very much.it's a small town of maybe 7000 max. the closest towns are aransas pass(6mi.) and portland(7mi.). port aransas is 11 mi. due east. lots and lots of water everywhere around here. kinda nice if i say so myself. i'm looking forward to meeting other rocket captains at gatherings where ever they may occur. when paul sets up his map i'll put a pin on my little spot and look for yours' as well. i enjoy rocket riding as my favorite form of relaxation and riding with people who share the same interest.......:)

p.s. to snuff, we be twins,i have an 06 blood and bone. now you don't have to be all alone..........

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