Weeping Water Pump


Aug 23, 2006
Northwest, MO.
2005 Rocket III
NO GUYS! it's not crying, just seeping a little fluid. The Rocket sat for 3 days after my return from South Dakota and I backed it out of the shed to start the cleaning process when I noticed a spot on the floor, about the diameter of the bottom of a soda can. I knew where the kickstand was sitting on the floor so I looked under the bike where the leak should be (relative to the kickstand ground contact point) and sure enough, there was a drip hanging from the water pump cover seam.

It couldn't have leaked much due to the size of the spot on the floor but I wonder where it will go from here. I'm out of warrenty I'm sure (earlier this year) so what shall I do! I absolutely do not wish to put any "stop leak" in her at this point. Any suggestions? I guess I'll go home this evening & see if another drip is hanging there. Are these pumps designed as the older American style pumps (GM & Ford) with an atmospheric drain hole should fluid get past the internal seal?

Maybe some JB Weld all around the water pump cover will do the trick. As long as I can add some color to the mix to match the powder coat gray paint. Ya think? Or maybe it's time for that chrome water pump cover.

Hope someone has the right answer for this matter.

See ya.

Rusty, all It Is, Is the O ring Is too thin..Take out the 3 bolts and use a little silicone on the O ring and put It back together. Work fine, last a long time..Jack
Hey Jack, that's the kind of answer we are always lookin' for. Simple & easy.

I'll rely on you for my next repair question. Stand by.
Check everything real close. I thought mine was the pump but kept wiping and looking and found the lower 90 degree fitting with the small hose had a split in it. When I ran my finger nail over it , the paint was the only thing holding it back. Dealer changed it no cost, 6 months left. Now it still leaked. SO before taking that cover off, have another 6mm copper crush washer on hand when it goes back together. They are cheap. My dealer didn't change it and it leaked.