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Mar 22, 2007
Howell, Michigan
May get a lot more difficult/interesting (delete as applicable) if these new Michelins catch on.

(5 pics in my photo album)


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Very Flexible

At some point in the recent past (or I would not have been able to remember it), there was a short film showing this tire and how it actually works. It is not stiff at all as I recall, infact, it showed the car running over a curb and the tire flexing like a racing slick with 5 lbs of air in it. Imagine how this tire (term used loosely) would feel on the car in a corner or during an evasive manuver..(that could explain why the vehicle is fugly...nothing ventured...nothing lost..something like that...:cool: SB.
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Yea I seen that on TV somewhere..Like spokes that bend then straighten on the bottom.So that must mean the top spokes stretch. BJC
Wow.. looks like we made it all the way back to the late 1800's. Isn't this the same type of rim used on covered wagons and other vehicles prior to the invention of the inner tube?