if the controversial styling appeals to you, and you are looking for a luxury tourer, then go and treat yourself!

It will be interesting to see who the styling appeals to.....I have one friend who is definitely interested in one. The styling isn't for me.......too much like something out of Star Trek or the Jetsons. It reminds me of the BMW K1200LT.....yuck city.
It's not my cup of tea, but I totally respect Victory for putting out something that isn't a Gold Wing clone. I'm glad they created it. As Gene Simmons says, "Variety is the spice of life."
So far....yawn

As an owner of probably the best two biggest, stock bikes in the US of A, the Victory Vision just doesn't do much for me. This bike was hinted at almost 6 months ago and the details are still a bit sketchy.

I have a 80 per channel, six speaker audio system already on the Gold Wing, I use a 30 or 60 gig IPod already on it. The tires appear to be the same, the alternator appears to be suspect as the GW lists at 1300 watts, theirs is listed in amps. The cargo capacity they listed in cubic inches, the GW listed the capacity in liters. It's like they are not directly comparing anything the "normal" way as if you might notice something.

I will say a few good things about it, if that ugly looking trunk can hold two full size helmets that is a good thing. Honda's used to, but with their "new" design in 2001 they made the main trunk smaller...something I wish they would change eventually. Also, as much as I don't really care for the styling, at least they took a chance and hopefully it will push Harley and Honda to a better design in that regard. Their "adjustable" windshield looks like it might shut a lot of Gold Wing riders up...if it is standard equipment, if not, we can already get the electric Wind Bender so that may be a cancelling advantage factor for the Vision. The side wind deflectors could be of some use as well. It looks like they may have gotten the 6 speed tranny standard...but is it the same design the Harley is somewhat "plagued" with as in a clunky gear or two in the shift range?

My built in GPS on my GW has a 7 inch screen (also a Garmin), one thing that disappoints me with the new vision is that they are holding back pictures of the "cockpit" other than the gage cluster. I wouldn't mind seeing how they integrated (or just added on....which is it???) their GPS offering or the IPod docking system.

Maybe I'll visit their website a little later and see if they have lifted a lot more of their secrecy.

The things I don't like about it...besides the styling are the air cooled engine (double, triple YAWN), and belt drive (another yawn), also the V-twin with the already drooling remark noting that it is just aching to be a "proper beast" if only a stage 1 kit was installed.

Again, hopefully it will spur Honda and Harley to improve their respective offerings...and if Triumph ever jumped into the fray with the 2300 engine...all bets would be off.
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Well.. it is definitely a bold design. So was the Rocket. I have to say, being a Triumph fan for as long as I've been around, I thought the Rocket was an abomination to all of motorcycling when I first saw the drawings and the first running prototype pics. It looked like a motorcycle with a Geo Metro drive train, but the looks grew on me, and the Rocket offers what no other bike offers... that I couldn't resist, big-block musclecar type power in a bike.. :)

The Rocket looks so much better in person than it ever has in pictures though. I hope it's the same for this Victory. I really like the Victory line-up, although I wish they would have stuck with the Polaris name instead of trying to make sure they really sounded American made with the Victory name. This thing looks like something from Buck Rogers, but it may offer better looks in person, and I'm sure the air/oil cooled v-twin and belt drive will hold up just fine. Shoot.. it has hydraulic lifters too.. which is one thing I sure wish Triumph would have designed into our Rockets.. :)
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My opinion

I agree. They should have kept the Polaris name. One plus is the bike is built in Osceola, Wisconsin from a conglomeration of imported parts (just like everyone else) today.

With me, Polaris is synonymous with quality. They build a quality snowmobile and ATV.

It's a bold statement. It's even a bold statement in the full dress touring arena and it's going to be a bike that either appeals to the touring crowd or is a total flop. If it is a flop, you'll be able to get one way below list after a number of months and that would be a plus.

I ride with a guy who has a Kingpin. I've ridden that bike a few times and it reminds me of a Hardley wannabe, which, works, especially when you consider the Victory is priced thousands less than a comparable Hardley. I'm sure the vision isn't going to be less than the Road King Clasic or the Gold Bling. Unless they (Polaris/Victory) price the bike as a loss-leader, it's going to cost more which is a big negative with an intro bike.

A Rock it isn't and it's not a Gold Bling either. I guess time and the fickle American consumer will tell if the Vision will capture any market share from HD and Honda.

Somehow, I don't believe Bloor will introduce a full on touring model of the Rocket. It would be priced beyond the reach of mortal man. The Rock is already a niche bike when you compare the sales volume to Honda or Harley. Another full tourer would only further muddy the already soon to be saturated market. Besides, Triumph seems to center their sales thrust in the sport and sport touring markets with their triple cylinder sport bikes.

I only have one space left in the garage/shop for a bike. I'm sure Gerogieboy/Britman is gonna will me his '68T120 before his reputed demise ( probably at next years rally) and that bike will go there.:D
Yet, both the Victory's provocative styling (penned by a former Aprilia designer) and its claimed output of 92 HP (roughly 20 more than Harley's current 2007-08 1600cc engine :eek:) are respectable.

They Victory bagger won't ever one-up the allmighty GoldWing, granted, but it seems to be a decent alternative, doesn't it? Jamie