Vibration issue


Jun 1, 2007
07 r3 classic

Got my bike back today after they did the new idle fix( about the only thing that wasn't a problem with my bike). The 02 sensor plug wasn't connect well enough , causing the engine light to come on the last week or so. That seems to be fixed now. From 0 to around 3100 rpms the bike is really smooth.( no vibration) From 3100 and up to 4500 rpms it seems that vibrations really kick in. Need some feedback from other r3 owners concerning this issue. My bike is super smooth at the lower rpms, so maybe I'm being too critical.

The Doctor is out right now, but when (s)he gets back he'll need more symptoms that just "vibration". Did they upload a sour note in the latest tune? Year and mileage? Any coughing or wheezing? Has there been an increased hunger for Hardley Ablesons.? What was the fat-bottom girl into the shop for?
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marke, I had the same complante when my Rocket got to 10,000 miles so I brought it in for the 10,000 check up . And replaced the front tire because I thought that was most of the problem and when I got it back it was even worse so I drove it right back and they end up tightening the front end stearing they said it was loose and with the new tire it was even worse. May you you have the same problem that yours needs to be tighten as well?
Hey markc, mine is the same way. No matter what gear I'm in, as the tack approaches 3K, the vibration starts. It's in the engine I'm almost certain, and the vibration travels all through the bike. I've learned to live with it. 14 hours from Nashville to St. Joe I lived with it if the bike ran 68/72 mph or better (that's about when 3K is hit). 12 hours to Sturgis as well. Sometimes seeing anything other than a blob in the mirrors at highway speed is not possible. At least I can tell when someone is getting close (which mostly I see others getting farther away).

I have not had the bike to a dealer for anything other than it did see the 500 mile service before I picked it up on Des Moines, Iowa. I noticed it right away & it's still part of this bikes charactor.

Anyway, I wanted to let you know that there are others out there with the same "RPM" related vibration.

See ya.
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Rusty, I believe he's speaking of the 100 mph (4500RPM) vibration :D Yours is no doubt the infamous timing chain and sprocket "paint can rattle"?? Flip's "u" joint suggestion sounds feasible. Mine in fact does get a bit of high speed vibration that is without a doubt normal engine vibes; but not at 3100 thru roughly 4300. It's above that and at interstellar speeds.
Hi Markc - I have experienced the same problem on my 06 Rocket. I just had the idle problem fixed with the new engine mapping and since picking it up from the dealership I noticed the same vibration that you describe.

I took the bike back to the dealership today and they'll have a look at it through the week. I'll post an update when I get some feedback from them.

I thought it was just me. My 06 rocket does the same thing I notice once I get over about 60 to 65 I get a vibration that just starts from no were. Low speeds it is smooth. :confused: I just figured it was do to those big pistons once they got to a certain Rpm the caused a resonance that you feel threw the bike.
I should try and hook up my vibration analyzer and see what I get.