Apr 1, 2006
Overland Park, Kansas USA
Veypor VR-2

Looks like you can have your own little dyno plus a whole lot more. When you go to the link below, don't forget to click on the video link ( below Nightrider Parts ) to see what it does.

What's your opinion?

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If you ride Harleys....it probably be a cool 'toy', but I can't say as I would place real value on the results...
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In reality Brian, would the info gathered be of any use in tuning the bike or even accurate enough like on a real dyno?

I don't think so. The only real tuning usage would be if it could log A/F ratios with a wideband O2. I would compare it to measuring the speed of a fast ball. You can buy one of those novelty baseballs that has a timer in it to measure your fast ball or you could use a radar gun. Radar gun (the dyno) gives actual speed. The timer ball gives a less precise time vs distance equals speed, which in the case of hp would be speed /a constant cubed multiplied by weight equals hp or something like that. You could get the same results with a stopwatch and calculator.