Sep 8, 2006
Fredericksburg, Virginia
2005 Rocket 3/2014 Moto Guzzi Touring
I think I am going to put personalized license plates on my R/3 next month. In the State of Virginia you are only given 6 total spaces. I am willing to bet ROCKET AND ROCKIT are already taken. I am considering the following:
WOC-IT (I always liked Elmer Fudd)
ARRRR3 (Has kind of a pirate theme)
I welcome any and all suggestions and steal any you see if so inclined. If someone comes up with one I can use you will win my entire Beta Max and 8-Track tape collection and half of my stock portfolio. (It's all invested in carbon paper and manual typewriters.)

I just applied for plate ROKET 3 in Illinois. I was allowed only 5 letters and 1 number. I was sure it would be taken but it wasn't. Lucky me.
Dave 06 R3 Classic R&W
A Few More

TR3 ( I know that's a car but it fits your bike too)
A hot little ****** rocket pulled up to me the other day and said "hey dude, that thing looks pretty heavy, is it hard to get of the line? You might consider using the acronym for what I said to him before he was a distant blur in my rear view mirror...AMF

Don't try that with a 'Busa. You will be the speck in HIS mirror.:D

Back on track.
All my vehicles have personalized plates. We are incorporated as A.R.D. Farm here in Michigan so:

My farm truck has: ARD 1
Wife's truck: ARD TOO
My T100/Sidecar: ARD 2 (2 cylinders)
The R3: ARD 3 (3 cylinders)

R3C as well as 06-R3 was available here in Michigan when I got the plate but I wanted to keep the series going.

You can't personalize a commercial plate so the Western Star is standard issue as well as all the trailers and farm tractor's need no plates, just a cooler inside for beverages.:bch:
Thanks for the help

Thanks to one and all for the great suggestions. I am heading to my local DMV next week with old tag in hand to apply for R3TORK. (I should only be there for about 3 days. I am entitled to that opionion since I am a retired local government worker.) Everyone ride safe and FYI judging from online plate search there must be a few other Rockets in the Old Dominion State.
Don't try that with a 'Busa. You will be the speck in HIS mirror.

Depends Flip.:eek:
0 to 60 is neck and neck with both coming in under 3.0 sec, so an R3 will retain it's honor in short red light to red light drags. In a 0 to 100 drag it's curtains for the Rocket against Busa doing it in 5.3sec and the Rocket in 7.1sec.
Beyond 100mph the Busa REALLY comes into it's own leaving the Rocket as a speck in the rear view mirror.:eek:
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He Wanted To See Mine

I'm on a major road through town. While waiting at the stoplight I sense there's someone coming up on my right but I don't see them in my mirror. (You know that feeling?) I know his lane ends about 200 yards past the intersection and he'll have to blend into my lane. Everyone in this area knows that...... yet they keep sneeking up, trying to get a quick jump off the green light and cut in front of you. Well, this time it ain't gonna happen!

Right hand off the brake.......slowly let the clutch out so it's nearly engaged......keep your eye on the changing light.........NOW!

I popped what was left of the clutch, cranked the throttle fast enough to leave any known car to man in my dust. A quick peek in the right mirror but nothing is there. I backed off the throttle just as he cut in front of me.


At the next light I mentioned how fast he was and he mentioned how he couldn't believe I had stayed as close as I did between lights. From then on we took our time departing from lights and he slowly disappeared into traffic. As I was turning left I noticed he was sitting on the side street and pointing in the direction I was turning. Was this the same guy I'd raced a few minutes ago. He should be long gone by now but there he sits.

I was on my way to a favorite hang out for some late lunch and pulling into the parking lot I saw he was right behind me. I pulled up, parked and was getting off when he stopped in front of me and smiled. I reiterated how fast his machine was to which he spent the next 15 minutes asking me questions about the Rocket III. One of the few times in my life where I was late for food and didn't mind at all. Chapter 2 is my run in with a V8 Ferrari convertible!