.020 Over
Sep 11, 2005
Cleveland Ohio
Hello to Tomo, Pig9r, and all the rest. I ordered my Rocket111 in Feb. 04 having never even sat on one. It finally arrived in July '04, and has been miles of smiles ever since. :D
Another one of the pioneer Rocket owners. Welcome and feel free to share your experiences as a Rocket forefather. I have only had my Rocket for a few months so my smiling muscles are as conditioned yet. But I have managed about 3000 smiles I mean miles so far. :D
Greetings and Salutations

Always glad to have another Captain on board but with your seniority I'll promote you to Admiral. I bought mine in April of last year and only sat on the demo in the show room while I heard Pat (Our Triumph saleman in Kansas City) tell me all the good news. I was sold as soon as I saw it and rode it for the first time the day I picked it up. Luckily the front of the store is on a hill so I asked that they point it down the hill and run for cover. It had been over 40 years since I rode so I knew with the R3 engine.... I'd either do a wheelie or kill the **** thing. Gravity became my friend and gave me the rolling start I needed.