Uploading more than one picture


Nov 26, 2006
Kalamazoo, Mi
I cannot seem to upload more than one pic. I have tried to upload a couple pics but it keeps going to the first pic I uploaded. Everytime it says it is uploading but when the next page loads that says it will be the new uploaded pic it is the same one. How do I upload more than one pic?

There may be some issues with the upgrade that Shawn is doing as we speak.

You can only upload one picture at a time.

Each time you want to upload a new pic you must select that new pic from the pictures file on your computer, it almost sounds like to me that you are not selecting the proper file name for the new pic and the photo album is re loading the first pic you successfully uploaded.

You cannot upload pics directly from other websites, you must save them in your pics file on your computer first, then upload them.

If the pics you are trying to upload are huge, you may have to downsize them.
How big is the pic you are uploading... how many KB's or whatever. We have had that happen with large movies and pics and you probably need to downsize it.

Try making it smaller before you upload by using this...
That worked it appears the file needs ot be less that 2 megs to upload. Well there are a few pics up now I iwll send more when the bike gets here.

Thanks again for your help,