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Mar 7, 2006
Sydney, Australia
http://www.tuneboy.com.au/BuyNow/BuyNow.html Triple foam Pod (UNIFILTERS) Filters are available from 'Tuneboy' to fit directly under the BearClaw. They are AUD$50 plus around $12 shipping (to the US approx US$46.50 and to England Pounds Sterling $26) They are an easy mod to get get great results at a really affordable price. Tuneboy takes PayPal! Try this link above if you are interested...
:) I took out the paper filter...hose...plastic intake manifold and installed the Unifilters right over the rubber boots on the throttle bodies and they work great...I did this in combination with a Cat bypass...new TORS and a new loaded Triumph tune....Runs really strong...I have to learn to hang on again
Pig9r said:
With the Unifilter set up what do you do with the sensor that is in the intake tube under the tank?

I got some pictures from Emma and it looks like they left the intake tube in place.
:) Same as what Punisher said...I wrapped my sensor in a little pourous foam paper and zip tied it to the frame between the first and second Uni's....Zip tie the rubber boot from the manifold onto the throttle body and put the Unifilter over the boot and zip tie it to the boot....The boot has a groove in it wide enough for 2 zip ties....