Apr 13, 2006
The Great State of Texas
What is the general thought on adding mirrors with the lighted turn signals? Does it create more headache than worth? I like the looks of those and thinking for safety (mine) they would be a good thing.
I don't own them but I have seen them in person on a Rocket. They look pretty cool to be honest. No idea if there is anything complicated as far as the install goes. I will stick with my stock mirrors though, I like that I can see a good amount behind me with them.
The bike I saw removed their front blinkers. I didn't think it was as good as the stock blinker for visibility but that is just my opinion. I would too leave the stock blinkers on if you went with this.

Take pics when you are done no matter what you do :).
ok my post came back as not enough characters again to post. What's up with that? Is it cause I am still new to site?:confused:

I know it's a pain however you have to have at least 15 characters in a post to submit it. Posts are also limited to five images including smilies. I am sure these things can and probably will be changed as time goes on as everyone gets more familiar with the ins and outs of this new setup.
Yeh, I'll just have to get used to it. There are some things I have noticed I like better about the way this one is set up. 1) when you are not logged in and find something you want to comment on, you can log in and it will immediatly place you back were you were. You don't to find that thread again. 2) were you are at is near top of page and you can manuever to differant thread or topic easier. 3) I like all the differant fonts, sizes, and colors. It is a girl thing. Just miss some of the smiley and rolling laughs from other site. Oh well.
I think we might be able to import something similar along the lines of smilies... let me check on that... :)