Turbo question for R3 Owners in CA


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Jan 29, 2008
Los Angeles
I am a brand new member and was reading the various posts on turbocharging the Rocket. I have a 2007 Classic and was impressed with the look and reviews of the turbo kit by Turbo Connection. When I asked my dealer he nixed it saying, among other things, that CA was coming down very hard nowadays and that the turbo would be in violation of the EPA, etc. I then asked for his thoughts on installing a triple K&N filter set up, taking away the secondaries, and installing a 3 into 1 exhaust along the lines of the rotary cannons offered by Tailgunner Exhaust. He wasn't sure if Tailgunner could accommodate the catalytic converter which he said had to be kept in because of his experience with the CHP, DMV, etc. Has anyone with a Rocket in CA tested the waters on turbos, Tailgunners, etc? Any thoughts or insight/advice other than the tossing the watch, fling caution to the wind and screw the law?? Is my dealer on solid ground about the turbo?
ive sure never heard that turbos or super chargers were illegal in california.. **** guess ill have to sell my turbo charged mercedes work van. id be curious as to what "issues" your dealer had with the dmv , chp since there is no chp officer i know that would know you had secondaries in the first place and im still looking for the law that says you cant change the air filter set up. be one on top of things chp'r to know your bike came with a cat . be curious to see if your dealer would take your money to install tors since triumph stamps them for off road use. contrary to popular belief the sky is not falling in california. even if manditory 2 year inpections were required for motorcycles in a retro fashion from date of passage id be willing to put the stock stuff back on every other year. it isnt that big of a deal.
Any thoughts or insight/advice other than the tossing the watch, fling caution to the wind and screw the law?? Is my dealer on solid ground about the turbo?

Do you need to get an emissions test on the bike in CA? Any other inspection?
turbo, tailgunners and more

Thanks for all the advice, weigh ins. Since I'm not a DIY type when it comes to working on the Rocket or any other bike for that matter, any suggestions then on who is good in Southern CA to install a turbo, tailgunner, K&N's? On turbos, I've read quite a bit on this site. One post suggested that a good turbo with an intercooler could be put on and for a lot less than what Turbo Connection is asking for its non-intercooled unit. My same brilliant dealer also told me that if he did the K&N triple filters under the bearclaw, he'd have to remap the system. I'm not knowledgeable enough in this area to determine if he knows what he's talking about. Can anyone steer me in the direction of someone who could do this, put together a turbo, intercooler, install the filters, the exhaust AND, if necessary, find the right tune for the bike with this set up? I know I'm asking for a fairly diverse range of topics, but what are the best shocks for someone weighing about 230, generally drives without passenger? I've got Ohlins on all my sport bikes, but the Rocket is its own breed.
ok lets start with the triple filters issue.. Yes you should remap if you install triple filters

But you would not be installing triple filters with a turbo, The turbo feeds off the exhaust and routes the now pressureized air into the throttlebodies. there is only the one filter(usually) on the intake of the turbo.

also with a turbo the exhaust is really not an issue, the turbo connections kit comes with a pipe that attaches to turbo and stock manifold.

I'm sure you could easily attach a slipon tailgunner if you were so inclined...

(um, fo rthe record, if your so positive on intercooler for performance, why the tailgunner? it just adds weight and is for show, not go)

BUT mechanically inclined or not.. If you read the various How tos on the site you shoudl be able to install triple filters, OR seek out someone that lives near you to help you out its a good excuse to get to know a fellow Rocket Captain.
Real world difference

Regulator, Goodfellow and others,
Thanks again for the encouragement. If I went the triple filter route and opted to abandon the turbo idea and slipped on a rotary tailgunner cannon (I know, more for show, but if it's 3 into 1, aren't I also "slimming" the weight a bit from stock?), what horsepower difference could I expect and how would I feel the difference in real world driving from my current stock set up? Today, I did a brisk run up to Cold Springs Tavern going into Santa Ynez and I love the pull of this bike. It's difficult to imagine what the changes might bring since there's endless torque, but I've also been a fan of turbos from my cars and of speed in general with my sportbikes. Would a turbo versus the triple K&N's and a change in the exhaust be a dimensional change? Am I simply better off by keeping it simple with the triple filters and a different exhaust?
I've done the following:

3-1 exhaust made by Travel guy
3 filters ( removed all the stock intake plastic) Relocated coolant bottle under left panel
removed secondaries

its fast, **** fast....really want to find somebody nearby with a stock rocket to see how many lengths I can beat them by fo ra gauge