Discussion in 'General Tech Talk' started by Tacker, May 7, 2006.

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    I have been looking at the tune 20050 side by side with tune 20055 in tuneboy and to me they are exactly the same Could somebody have a look at this to see if you can spot a difference What i would like to know is if this tune is the same as Triumph's. If it is some of us have been charged to have a tune put in the bike that we did not need Or is this a mistake by tuneBoy Just a thought
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    The only difference I see is in the highest rpm range in the F1, F2, F3 maps which are the fuel maps for throttle openings greater than 12%. So there is some difference in the amount of fuel used. Not much though. The more I look at the Triumph maps the more I am convinced that you are just as good leaving the stock map in. All of the governmental regulations keep manufacturers operating in a certain range that appears to be pretty small. The only reason for a remap would be if you are going to install a PCIII that has been mapped from a different base tune than what you have in the bike.

    I just got the Tuneboy to work last night so today will be filled with some experimental runs and tunes. One thing I haven't figured out is that the a/f targets for some of the performance tunes like SteveRed's are the same as stock. I wonder if this is because he had a PCIII installed?
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