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Aug 11, 2006
I have the 06' R3 Classic . What do you think of the Tune Boy? Will it affect the warranty? Tune Boy says there are more downdloads to adjust the tuning then the dealer has and. I realize they are trying to sell a product, but I've heard on R3 discussion boards, it works pretty good. You can put 1,2, & 3rd at full throttle and richen it to reduce the popping on decell, (not that that really matters to me). But might be nice to fine tune it. What do you think? I don't want to mess up with the warranty either.
Love the R3, best riding bike I've had.
Al Davis
Tuneboy will only affect the warranty if you screw a setting up and cause damage to the bike, otherwise there is no way for the dealer to know. I think it is great and have noticed significant performance increases. I don't know what you mean by full throttle in 1, 2 and 3, other than that is the way I ride most of the time.:eek: As far as fine tuning you really need to have it dyno tuned, otherwise there are some tunes out there that get you in the ballpark. I suggest reading the manual on the tuneboy website to familiarize yourself with the rocket's efi and what the different maps and values in them represent. Also some of the threads in the Trading Tunes section might be helpful. You can also download the tuneboy program to your computer for free from the tuneboy website. That way you can start to familiarized yourself with it before you get it. It defintely is not "plug and play" for your average bike rider.
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