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Jul 16, 2006
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After reading about Wilbur's friend, I found out a fellow motorcyclist who I know well just wrecked his Triumph. Not just any bike, but the mate to my T100 and sidecar. Tom lives in South Carolina and rides an identical T100 & Spyder sidecar and broadsided an F150 Ford pickup as he was taking a hard turn to the right and the outfit crabbed sideways which a sidecar outfit will do. Tom hit the F150 in the rear wheel well with his sidecar shearing the hack off the bike, totalling the sidecar and the motorcycle. Tom is now sporting a stainless steel plate holding his pelvis together and is on indefinite leave from his job. He told me that besides breaking his pelvis, his sex life has been severly curtailed too. he went to look at the bike when he got out of the hospital and he said there is a big indentation in the tank where his nuts would handily fit.

I still agree with Bart and that is....'it's not if you are going down, it's when'. I hope my 'going down' is in the driveway and I just drop the bike. I might be embarassed but at least I won't be injured.
Best wishes to your friend, Flip. May he have a speedy recovery. My friend Bob's wrist surgery has been put off till today. My friend Amy let her step dad ride her almost new FZ6 that she has only had 2 weeks and he laid it down just turning left onto a road. He has some bad road rash and some sore ribs, even though he was going about 10 mph. We can't figure out how he managed to lay it down like that.

Let's be careful out there!
there is a big indentation in the tank where his nuts would handily fit.

Good god, are you sure this is the first chunk of metal put in his pelvic region? Did you hear a clink when he walked before this accident?

How hard do your nuts have to be to dent the tank?
It's not the hardness (or softness) of the nuts, it's the velocity of the nuts when they contact the sheet metal. You remember Newton's Law (not fig newton either).....a body in motion tends to stay in motiom or nuts in motion tend to stay in motion and the body proper was following the nuts like a medicine ball behind a fist.......

Having said that, I'm getting a little queasy.:eek:

Also, this wasn't an R3 tank, it was a T100 tank.
Best of luck Flipper, to your buddy and our brother, I know from experience that recovering after a bike crash can be a long hard road.
This will slow you down...

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