Triumph 2008: News from the European Front


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Mar 7, 2006
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Certain: A new Rocket III derivative, to be called "Super Rocket III". In essence, a standard Rocket with almost everything on it (engine, pipes, fork legs, etc.) blacked out à la HD Nightster. The tank and guards will be white, with black stripes on them. It looks like the pegs will be moved backward à la Palatina (Source: Moto Journal)

Probable: The much-rumored "Rocket III Tourer". Identical to MCN pics, i.e. a conventional front fork, hard bags, a tall windshield (but NO fairing:confused:), longer and thicker saddle, 3 into 2 pipes and different wheels (Source: same).

Miraculous: The resurrection of the stillborn (in 2003) 1275 cc Hurricane, with a power target of 200 BHP (up 20 from the prototype) and a top speed target of 200MPH. Triumph's intent would be to surpass ALL existing 2-wheeled missiles, including the MV F4 1000 312 and the new-for-'08 Suzuki Hayabusa(Source: Moto Revue)

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Triumph seems to be going after every manufacturer out there. They must have one hell of an engineering department. It seems like at this point there is nothing they can't do (as opposed to slackers like HD and even some of the Japs).

We may be entering a golden age of motorcycling and I'll be too old to enjoy it :D.

Strongly beg to differ, Sir. The golden age is OUR age.

From pre- WW2 recycled cheap transportation fossils in the late 50's or early 60's to today's glorious Rocket III, with MV Agusta 312's , Suzuki Hayabusa's, Triumph 675 Daytona's and other two-wheeled adult (?) toys on the side. Jamie
Just heard the bonnie is going to 909 cc's and will be fuel injected.


Your crystal ball is cloudy. That was the buzz last year, at least the fuel injection to meet Euro 3 emission standards. It's reported that Triumph will actually have 'dummy' carburetors that are, in fact, fuel injection units to retain the carburetted look. The 909 is news to me. I guess my 790 is shrinking. My Bonnie 'had' AI and no cats factory. I'd imagine that ther new T will have no AI, cats or cat and the related sensors. The day of aftermarket mufflers and related stuff is rapidly coming to an end.

I always wonder what owners are going to do when they have to revert back to the stock, agency stamped exhaust system when all the modifications and monies spent on the bike won't work with the stock exhaust. Will be interesting.
Piggr: Your crystal ball is cloudy.

It happens to be crystral ;)clear . That's the first 2008 FI Bonnie ever to reach (perhaps mistakenly) my dealer's showrorom this a.m. Well ahead of the dealer's usual "New Product Introduction" docs. Even ahead of the "pan-european press kit" expected for the imminent Paris and Milano bike shows:rolleyes: (BTW, I might attend either or both)

It's FI all right and Euro3-compliant, etc. but Triumph has VERY CLEVERLY managed to conceal the two injection units in a pair of "dummy" carburettor-looking ornaments.

You would not believe it if Flip and I had not told you. Jamie:)
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