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Mar 5, 2006
Kansas City, MO USA
Anyone have any news?

I emailed them and got the following response:

I own a 2006 Triumph Rocket III and was wondering if there is a filter that could be attached to each throttle body intake and would clear the chrome intake cover. If there is not a current application is there any plans to develop one?

Hello Brian,

Thank you for your interest in K&N products. Sorry for the delayed response. We are currently experiencing heavier then normal e-mail requests. We have not defined a filter for this application for universal air filters.

Thank you,
Leon S. Collins
K&N Technical Support
Pigman... I have just fitted triple unifilters under the bear claw... Both myself and JD! While I dropped my bike so cannot really comment on the outcome :mad: :rolleyes: JD reckons the bike rocks! You can order off the unifilter website. The part number is "RP605/3 (set3). See my post on the filter comparo!!