Tried something different.....


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Jan 27, 2007
Tomahawk, Wi. US
05 Rocket 3
:confused: Whaddaya think?


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Honestly it isn't for me. With that being said I applaud you for A) doing something different and B) having the ability to make it look like a pro did it!

So with that...job well done!
:D I take that a huge compliment...His bike is wicked sharp imo....The Jack Daniels medallions were part coincidence and part homage, actually...they were

1. The exact size to cover the depressed part of the crappy k&N rubber top -
2. The only thing anybody had to hand that like even remotely decent -
3. reminded me of his bike...hehe

Thanks guys!
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Piggers right Iam jealous looks great as I said on the other forms. Would do mine that way but theres nothing left of my bear claw..Did you have to pull the bottom out some..And again what are the filter numbers???Thanks Jack
Thanks again guys....Jack I'm especially glad you like it. The filters are K&N ru-800's - could not find that size with chrome tops and the 20 deg angled ones really sent them out straight sideways almost....there weren't very many at all I could find with chrome tops now that i think about it....and i feared those race style or inverted tops in the rain. :eek: i wanna cut more stuff...but I'm ascaired....:eek:

Thanks for the number gona get an extra set to confuze my buds each week..Anyone can have a stock bike, It takes a man to cut one up. Go for It.You can always replace a part If you f it up.Have fun..Jack