Treating years of yuck in the tank

Dave Mac

.020 Over
Oct 5, 2020
Riverside county, So CA
2005 Triumph Rocket III
Greetings, R3 Family,
I need advice from anyone who has dealt with treating extensive flaky deposits within an R3's gas tank. I have my tank off now and drained about a gallon of very foul fuel, along with a fistful of rusty bits. My '05 R3 had been basically abandoned after her first year and has only 1291 miles showing on the odometer. Unfortunately, the fuel had not been drained back in '06. Surprisingly, the engine itself turns over well (PTL) and the electrics seem to be functioning. I am a long way from attempting to start her, especially with the extensive fuel corruption throughout the fuel system. Before I do anything in attempting to treat the flakes and rust inside the tank I want to ask if anyone in the 'family' reading this has some sage advice. I have removed the internal injection fuel pump assembly (another major issue to address someday soon) and gotten most of the flaky rust shaken out once the spoiled fuel was drained. Just wondering now what the best procedure would be in successfully prepping the inside surface before lining it and what the best-recommended tank liner might be to purchase in treating a six-gallon tank. Any thoughts, suggestions, or prayers?

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