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Nov 9, 2008
Took it to the dealer because suddenly it would not downshift into first unless you were almost at a complete stop.

They found evidence of where the 1st gear dog was trying to engage but was hiting the gear. They also found a spring sitting in the bottom of the pan. They are not sure where it came from.

Besides the spring, they also found that if you grasp the gears on the output shaft and twist, there is some play.

While I was there looking at the disassembled motor I noticed the main bearings seem to have noticable wear. The bike only has 8200 miles and this is the 2nd time the motor is apart.

The first time was to replace the head gasket due to a leak at the right rear.

Anyone else having these type issues or am I the only one having such wonderful luck?

For pics go to Index of /triumph


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Mar 5, 2006
Kansas City, MO USA
The spring is from the clutch lifter shaft. It fits in the front/clutch cover. It probably came off when the cover was taken off.

My output shaft spring was bad also. If your dealer is decent, they shouldn't have any problem getting Triumph to replace everything. I would push for everything to be replaced.

I also had a head gasket leak. All was taken care of in two weeks and covered by Triumph, though I was 18 months out of warranty.


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Jun 4, 2007
North of Tulsa, OKLAHOMA
Welcome to the site.
output shaft bearing problem at 2500 miles.
Triumph replaced the entire rear end free.
Hope you get it worked out soon.
post pics of your ride.

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Jul 16, 2006
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Wecome to the site as well. There are quite a few of us that have had rebuilds at Triumph's expense besides Pigger. I was out of warranty as well.

If you dealer is worth his stones, he'll do the work under warranty. I find it interesting that the mains show wear but then 'visible wear' on the mains isn't Plastigage wear. The mains can 'look' worn and not be worn at all. Just looking at them is no indicator of condition. They have to be clearanced to ascertain the wear.

Every time I read about an R3T with problems, I scratch my head.


Nov 11, 2008
Central NY
Welcome! Sorry to hear about the woes. I have not had an issue with my R3T yet but I only have 1500 miles on it. I did notice that when the tires were replaced under the recall that I have now developed a vibration that was not there before. It is definetely not the tires as I can create this almost any time. And it seems to be more prominent in 4th gear. I imagine thats because the load is greater in that gear. So I will be off the the dealer to have them fix this "oversight". Keep us posted on the progress:D



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Jan 24, 2008
Hartselle, AL
My R3T had a leaking head gasket which was replaced within a weeks time under warranty. No problems with my gearbox or clutch, and I have over 34,000 miles on it. The biggest problem is the rear tire as the tread on the Metzler Marthons comes off after 4-5 thousand miles. TuneBoy and Power-Tripp haven't helped that tire problem, but I'm still lovin it!


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Jun 28, 2008
Sheridan, AR
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Leaking Headgasket (right rear of engine) - around 5000 miles
Tires replaced under recall at 5400 miles
Broken Clutch Shaft - 5600 miles
Gear position sensor replaced under recall/SB at 5600 miles (same time it was in for clutch shaft)

I've had the bike for exactly one year (purchased new 12 June 08). Yeah, it's just been a real peach of a bike. :rolleyes:

Edit: I was told by Peter Carleo over the phone that he would be reimburse me for the $60 in gas money I put in my friend's truck driving 75 miles (I was 50 miles into a 500 mile road trip when the clutch shaft broke) to give me a tow and letting me borrow his truck and trailor to drive another 125 miles round trip to trailor the bike to the dealer for repair. This was over a month ago. I've yet to see the check and rather doubt I will. I realise Triumph is under no obligation to pay for that. That's fine, but don't tell me you will and then not do it.
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