Living Legend
Feb 25, 2006
I finally got my copy of Torque Magazine today... It wasn't delivered by the post office, it was brought to me by my neighbor, who has had it for a very long time, it seems. It has been well read and thumbed through, maybe he'll buy a Triumph next time. ( He has one of those slow Valk things). Since he was so nice and kept it for so long I think I'll send his wife a subscription to Hustler :flame:. See, these new smilies do come in handy..
:) I brought a copy home from my dealer as I haven't received one long does it take once you're a RAT member?
It comes out quarterly.... so as much as 3 months anyway. If you signed up and the lateset issue is just about to be sent out... much sooner.
:) Okay I'll be patient and wait for my issue and card....With Triumph selling more and more bikes I know it can take awhile to get me in the system....