Tire prices going up!


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Sep 9, 2006
Tahlequah, Oklahoma
I got the computer today serching tire prices today as my Rocket is due for some new rubber really...really soon :eek: ! The best prices i've found so far is from www.americanmototire.com, from who i've bought from before with excellent service.
ship'n....$ 16.79
Prices have gone up eveidently, as the rear tire was listed at about $177 last year. I must say though, my front tire has served well at almost 14,000 miles and still going. Bad news is this is going to be my third rear :rolleyes: !
Anyone know of any better deals? Bigern
How many miles to the rear tire are riders getting? Pick a catagory and let us know how you ride and the miles ridden. :roll: 1. doing lots of burn-outs miles.:eek: 2. fast bar trips miles. :bch: and 3.the grandpa gentle touring miles?:cool:
I do a lot of number 1, an occasional 2, and some number 3 and I have about 6000 miles and I am needing to start to look for a replacement.
I know Metzler has tried to promote the 240/50 16 to custom bike makers. I've even seen a drag race somewhere on line that had a class for bikes running this tire, but no other large
manufacturer runs a 240/50 16 tire. This is why none of the other tire manufacturers such as Avon, who already makes similar size tires have stepped up to offer us an option.

I do alot of long distance riding.. since everywhere to go for me is atleast a 30 mile trip, a once a week, or so bar hopping ride, and an occaisional burn out. The exact opposit of Pig9R.. :) My first rear lasted 8K miles, and this second one has lasted over 10K so far. However, 4K of this tire was a trip to Sturgis with almost no stop-n-go, so not much will spinning going on. Quite a few 100+ MPH blasts though! As I left my Harley riding buddies in the dust... :)
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Pigger, I'am suprised at u. Burn outs??? That could be dangerous. But o what fun..Erik,I got 5.200 out of mine but could have gone a little longer. The Busa only wen't 3.000 so I'am happy.If u ride like a responsible adult I see no problem getting 8.000 to 10.000 miles.But then If u ride like a responsible adult, then why did u buy a rocket...Ha te he...I have to grow old but I don't have to grow up.. Its ridden weather. Ya Ya Jack
I called the dealer in Tulsa today and for a measly $286.80, i can travel a 65 miles and come pick it up and also take one of these :kick: home with me also! Americanmototires' prices are hard to beat. Bigern