Time over the quarter mile


Standard Bore
Dec 3, 2006
Can anyone give me an idea on how quick a standard rocket covers the quarter mile?
Triumph dont include this in their tech specs.
Regards, Cappy.

I've got an 05 black rocket, with 3/2 staintune mufflers (no cat box). Summer w/screen,Floorboars,Packrack,factory alarm system, with some custom made saddle bags.
I'm more than happy with the sheer grunt it puts out and it never ceases to amase me every time I give it a big fistfull.guess I need to run it over the quarter for my own satisfaction,
I'm fairly slack when it comes to using the forums etc I like to brouse a bit and catch up on the latest goss but prefer to mess about in my shed. (naturally the bike takes up most of my spare time)
Best Regards, Cappy
7.4s in the 1/8th isn't too bad but I expected quicker. I am guessing weight is the anchor for these bikes. I ran 7.4s on my 88hp 600cc sportbike. 6.90s @ 103 on my Bandit.

Acid dip the big forker and get ceramic wheel bearings..The genral membership of this board Is so old they would have coronarys going through the lights..Ha He har The other site has all kind of HP numbers from dynos but I havent seen a time slip yet..Crazy Jack