Silver Bullet

Sep 11, 2007
Does anyone know where I can find a thumb lock type throttle lock for the R3? I have one on my Valk but due to the throttle grip/kill switch/master cylinder assembly on the R3 being one piece, I don't seem to be able to find one that will work. Any ideas:confused:
I'd shell out the big money for Flip-Meister... more bang for the buck!

You'll probably be happy in the long run, too.

Right Flip!?
I'm cheap..........

Look at it this way. You spend 50 cents for the Flipmeister Throttle Lock that acts and operates the same way as the Throttlemeister or you spend the big bucks for the other guys throttle locks. Me, I'd rather spend 50 cents and put the difference in some other bling like maybe 3 pairs of FlipMeister Billet Stainless Brake Line Clamps. One pair for myself and a pair for two of my good friends:D
I'm not familiar with the Flipmeister but at $0.50 that's a great deal. I've installed a Throttlemeister but rarely use it. Recently I add a Crampbuster and use it constantly.


There is a sticky under custom mods that explain's the Flipmeister. I'd have installed one for you in Nashville if we'd been together longer. Raymond got one there.
OK, I believe... do I go about doing some business with you to get one of these throttle devices into my hot little hand?:confused: Also, do your brake cable clamps work on stainless brake lines? If so, same question about possessing a set of the most magnificiently beautiful inventions known to the modern Triumph owner? We are so fortunate have such talent among us to manufacture such intricate and well thought out items that allow us the common rider the comfort to fully enjoy our toys. (Begging is such a shameless endeavor):D...Geeeez this reminds me of my wedding night....;) Bullet.