The Southeast Usergroup is now up and running


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Feb 25, 2006
At least I hope it is :D...

Join up if you live in that neck of the woods.

No Flip, you can't join.
Southeastern Update

Greetings from the Miss. Gulf Coast, Bldg,2 Boloxi, VA. Just got in yesterday and from what the Dr. says may be here untill mid Sept. Don't know if a former owner of a paid off total is eligible for membership but Dennis, we'll sure give it a shot. Belated birthday greetings to all who got a year older than me.Welcome to all the new captains since 6/1. And thanks to all who have sent warm regards. Remember don't take known corners for granted, conditions have a bad way of changing when your gurard is down.:)
welcome back Baggage

I hope all will be well for you soon. most importantly don't rush into anything that will set you back. In my opinion you should most certainly be welcomed into the S.E. group.
I have joined the southeastern group and look forward to meeting up. Rademis