The Price of Gas...


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Feb 25, 2006
Dang... it went up again. Regular unleaded is $2.50 a gallon here. Didn't they just haul these guys up front of Congress a few weeks age to explain why they had record profits once again?? Isn't this about the third time they've done this (had to go in front of Congress)?

I wonder why the people that do my 401K haven't caught onto this. They invest in things like GM and Ford... I guess they haven't heard about the oil or drug companies..

And why can't you buy gas cards at the current gas price if you want... kind of like a consumer gasoline futures market. Say gas went down to $2.00 a gallon, and you felt that was a pretty good price, you could buy 1000 gallons at $2.00 a gallon and put them on your card... and you would just redeem them at the pump with your card. Almost like buying minutes for your trac phone.

Back on March 25th the KC Star had an article about Canadian Heavy Crude. It is the second biggest known reserve of oil in the world. It is mixed in with sand and has to be processed out. Even doing that extra step... Canada is selling it for $35 a barrel less than the Benchmark light Texas Crude. All of out refineries except one can refine it, and yet Canada only supplies 5% of our needs. Canada wants to sell much, much, more to us... why aren't they??? Because we aren't buying for some reason...

It makes you want to smack the cat...
what's your average commute to work?
most of the people i know drive 60 or more kilometers each way for work.
You US residents stll pay less than one third of the price over here for the same fossil brew. So please, kindly refrain from "moaning", as Sully says. Thanks.:cool:
Jamie said:
You US residents stll pay less than one third of the price over here for the same fossil brew. So please, kindly refrain from "moaning", as Sully says. Thanks.:cool:

Isn't that because Europe taxes the living daylights out of it though? ;)
:D Here in the States... if we moan (whine) enough... we can actually kick some of our Pork belly politicians out of office... it may not fix anything but it messes with them for awhile. That might be why our gas is cheaper than yours..

Plus... why should they make almost triple digit profits when there really is no competition.

Your cost of fuel must be high due to taxes levied on it by your Governments. Most of it comes from the Saudi's and we all pay about the same price per barrel... your shipping costs would be less as you are closer...and yet you pay approximately 4 times the amount we do. In this instance anyway... I'll go with a democracy with elected officials that in theory are suposed to represent their constituents...

Plus... you know how I like to complain:D
Tax Guzzle

Yeah. Taxes close to 70% here in Switz. Which suffices to explain the above-mentioned disparity. To... help fuel our semi-welfare society, I suppose:( :cool:
For the life of me I don't understand why the US doesn't get much more interested in bio-diesel and ethanol. Being reliant on the middle east for anything besides being unstabe is just stupid.

I would rather pay 3-4 bucks a gallon to a domestically created fuel supply which seems to be where we are going at this rate.