The beast passes the safety course!


Jul 1, 2007
Hello All,

If anyone out there is intimidated by the size of the R3, no need to be. In order to get my bike on a military base in the state of Washington you have to take a safety course that requires various maneuvers at a very slow pace and through cones. This is an all day class which I took today. There were 12 of us, several Hardleys', some ****** rockets, a moped, and one R3, mine. When I arrived at class no one had seen one yet so that was kinda fun and took some class time to explain everything about the Rocket to them. The instructors were in disbelief that I was going to attempt the class on such a beast. I told them not to worry, at 6'5" and 350 pounds I could handle her.

Well, who score a perfect 10 in the slaloms AND stopping distance ? The Rocket. Who scored a 9 in the figure eights at 5MPH ? The Rocket. Who had the fastest time through the power corners, AND stayed inside the lines? The Rocket. Who dropped their bike? One Hardley and one ****** rocket. That was ugly. Who overheated in line? A Honda. Who had a great day? I did.

Miles of Smiles.

Rocket Captain in Bremerton Washington.
Bravo the bike did as well as you did. It should have made a statement on base. I took a ERC course and went back to the S's with my rocket with the goodyear eagle. Sorry to say I couldn't do the figure 8 and stay in the lines. I was close enough for my needs. the flat tire does make a difference in tight corners and low speeds. might have to switch back to pass your class..........;) or maybe borrow a moped:D
Actually the State doesn't matter. It's a military requirement. I took the AF version many years ago (I'll assume they're all the same even after these many years), on a Honda Hawk:p That military course is good for insurance cost reduction with Geico; and still saving me bucks after >25 years.
Nice going and a welcome from one who has taken the coarse to get on base as well, with similar results. When they finally told me I could use the big box it was a cake walk. I took the next coarse about 6 months later which improved my skills more but gave me too much confidence in my case that resulted in processing a corner that wouldn't maintain traction so be mindful of road conditions unless you don't mind a 3 month hospital stay.:eek:
Learned from your misfortune...


Thanks for the note and previous threads on your ordeal. So sorry it had to happen, but your making it public will hopefully help the rest of us to be aware of the hazards that face us each time we saddle up.

PS, the wouldn't let me use the big box except in practice. I think they were just wishing they could be a Captain.
congrats, I know how it can be, I used my yamaha venture royale (1300cc full size boat) for my training day motorcycle endorsement. enjoy your rocket. Rademis