That is pretty slick.

A link to busajack's album: Link Removed

What do you keep in those cylinders on the intake side jack?:D :D :D
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Nice car Busa I have a 56 Ford Chopped Channeled and Lowered with full tilt front end and a hydraulic lift box, the rear window moves up and down by power as well. I dont know how much of a chop it got but the windshield is 11 inches tall so it was a pretty severe chop I can post a pic of it that was taken last year if everyone doesnt mind that it isnt a Rocket.

pig9r Thanks

Pig9r thanks for the link to my photo album.Iam just learning this puter stuff.Never set in front of a key board untill age 60.The cylinders are phony no2 to make the kids on the ****** rockets go nuts.The one over the K&Ns dosen't have a bottom and is slotted down the inside to help blow hot air back and away from the intakes at speed. Sort of ram air cooling. The bottles are the wifes hair spray cans polished up. They dont weight much.Iam a weight freek with this bike. Got it down to 730 pounds.(certifed wy. dot scales) I have to grow old but i dont have to grow up. Jack
56 ford

PastorFreak i would love to see that 56 ford. A few photos unrelated to rockets i dont believe is any harm. Most people here would like to see it,there just to lazy to reply. I have restored or street rodded every ford from 1929-1940 mostly coupes. Cant afford old cars any more there prices are out of sight so i just play with bikes. Jack