"Surging" at cruising speed


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Nov 13, 2006
Melbourne, Australia
Wonder if anyone can help me having experienced this same problem. My bike has developed a real surging or maybe missing during cruising. I have no idle problems having fixed that by manually moving the idle up a little quite a while ago. It just seems to not sit steady all of a sudden when at highway speeds, dropping revs, etc.

If anyone has any experience whether it might that its the plugs or maybe need to balance the throttle bodies, or whatever, I would appreciate the help to minimize the costs - no use wasting money at the dealers if I could point them straight to a known problem.
I'm amazed at what a 12 minute spanking can do. After a recent load and reload of dealer applied tunes followed by my own TB download I failed to perform a 12 minute spanking. Never before had I the high (2k) idling problem but now it was happening. The next day I performed the 12 minute tune and all is well. And the yeehaw is much higher as well.
Pulse of the motherland

My 2005 has a pulse cruising at lower speeds. I have just been attributing it to the legendary reputation of poor electrical systems of nostalgic British vehicles. I figure it is a hallmark sign of being a British vehicle. :eek:
I'll bet this gets me some fan mail.
Then again it could be the servo's...
I just had a tune done for the recall and now my bike stalls when it never did before. It also starts hard at times. Never had these problems before the tune.
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Just another idea to ck.Could your fuel tank vent hose be kinked or clogged. When It does this pull over and open your filler cap and listen for a vacuum sound.. Jack
I had a surging at cruising speeds that eventually turned into a miss at cruising speeds then surging/missing, and total running like garbage at any steady throttle setting. The bike is at the dealer as I am sitting here typing this. So far everything they have done hasn't helped any......
All you guys have tio do the 12 minute tune properly to all the computer to achieve an adaptive mode and when she don't want to idle when you start it that can be pretty hard, but..

+The engine has to be cold. Room temperature, like not run for 8 hours.
+Start the engine with the starter button (like there is another way)
+Don't touch the throttle at all. I mean don't even caress the twistgrip. It has kooties.
+Allow the engine to idle even if it idles like ****, remember that twistgrip has kooties.
+The engine needs to run until the cooling fan actuates...You'll know, it sounds like a hairdryer.
+After the cooling fan actuates, the engine needs to idle, remember the twistgrip has kooties, for 12 minutes at least. Being a guy, it's hard not to fiddle with the twistgrip but you can do it. Go pick your nose or something.
+Shut it off, let it sit a few minutes and start it again and go about your business. You can touch the twistgrip this time. Your kooties have been cured. Besides, you sdon't have any boogers either.