Top Fuel
Jan 3, 2007
I know this ain't the place for a ****** rocket picture but Iam about to start painting and need a name for this thing.All I have come up with so far is (RICE YA).Need something to go with Spike, like Spike & Dyke.Will probably be silver down the middle to match spike..Jamie, Flip, Wilbur, you guys are good at things like that.Piggys good to but would probably come up with something like (Arrest Me).How a bout it gang. Crazy Jack
I don't know why this thought came to me, But after starring at the picture I think the name " ZIPPER" spelled out in tall/vertical/pointy letters almost like each letter is a dagger. I put a rough draft of what i'm talking about in my photo album. Thats my pick. Rademis
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You know you're sitting duck for sarcasm now. But I'll come up with somethin'. Or maybe I won't.

"Spike and dyke". Lesbian rhyme.

Best. Jamie:cool:

This may be "UTTERLY" ridiculous but how about something along the lines of BROWN KAW with a deep metallic brown paint job with cream trim. You could do a cow hide seat and I can picture the graphics with the milk bag in the wind. "HOW NOW BROWN KAW"?
Sorry couldn't do a thing with the sheep theme.