Stole my line!


Aug 23, 2006
Northwest, MO.
2005 Rocket III
Hey, the newest member of the forum stole my "sign off" line, "SEE YA".

Oh well, welcome to the forum seeya, hope we have all that is necessary to spark your desire to "get with it".

See ya.
Mr. Seeya is trying to register multiple names under the same IP address so for the time being I have denied him membership. He already has two other user names he can use. Maybe he will send me a note as to why he is trying to do this.

Shawn has put into place a very sophisticated network of security features that actively look for behavior such as this. Webmasters, Administrators, and Moderators may (or may not) have more than one user name for test purposes. Anyone else doing this is trying to accomplish what????

I routinely deny membership to known spammers. Spammers for the most part are not human, but computer programs that try to gain access to websites through multiple user names so they can take advantage of our traffic and post free ads for whatever crap they are pushing this week (Leave Britney alone). If we never hear from Mr. Seeya he may end up in this group, computer programs don't do well if they have to respond to questions they can't recognize. If we do hear from him and he has an explanation he might very well become a new member.
Taking charge of a site like this isn't a simple task it sounds like. I "may not" have to see my words more often than "I type them" it appears.

And thanks for the elaborate explanation Tomo. Makes me understand more about what is happening "behind the scenes".

See ya.