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cane corso

Apr 4, 2006
Canada, Toronto
05 Triumph rocket 111
Power loss

I know this guy that converted his VTX 1800 into a chain driven thinking he would have more power and torque. But for his surprize he raced his buddy and he said that they where both neck to neck. He did notice that he did need to chage gears quicker and first and second seemed to have a little more torque but when he did have a race with another VTX 1800 there seemed to be not that much differnt like every one claimed and they where both had just as much experence on bikes.


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Mar 7, 2006
Geneva Switzerland
Pig9r said:
One advantage would be belt drive. Less power loss than shaft.

Thought belts translate into a substantial power loss as well? Here, HD Sportster's used for club events are all converted to a chain drive. Jamie


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Oct 14, 2006
Surfside Beach, SC

Done a lot of S&S motors, the last custom I did, I put the 124 in it. It was all right, nothing like the Rocket though. S&S makes a good motor, all there stuff I get at the shop is class stuff, the crank and rod assy. are pretty much dead on, on the balance side and are good quality, that is what I have always recommeded to customers when the redo the bottom end, they are stronger and better quality. Anyway, you don't have to worry about the Big Dogs and all they are so plagued with electrical problems it ain't funny. The past two rallies here, they were the bulk of the shops business, big dog, Ironhorse, electrical first and then belts from burnouts at suckbangblow. They are hard to start even with compression release's and you can try to recommed a cam with good overlap so it would start easier but they won't have it, go figure. Belts sure won't take what chains do and I don't think I would ever want to give up my shaft for a pesky chain. Too much upkeep.