ss1000 in June, starting in ST Louis


Feb 23, 2006
Lincolnton GA
2005 RIII
Hey all,
I'll be doing a 1900 mile from augusta GA to Spearfish SD in late June , will be participating in a charity fundraiser ( more on that after the holidays) as part of the ride..

I'll be doing the 1000 miles from ST louis to Spearfish as a SS1000(iron butt)

I'll post start times etc when I get closer, but if anybody wants to come out and ride with me along the way, or wants to say hello or snap a photo as I go zooming by let me know

still 6 months away but I'm starting my research and such now
Everything's Up To Date In Kansas City

If you can pass through Kansas City after leaving St. Louis, I'm sure there's a bunch of us in the area that would like to join with you for some riding. Keep us posted on your route.
I need to get out on some popen roads again and check the milage under "normal conditions"

I'm wondering if I can get 225 per tank taking me to 3 hrs between stops....

thats if I stay around 75mph ( not normally how slow I go but makes the math easier)

I did 1100 in 21 2 years ago on my Sprint ST..and I stoped a couple times for cat naps/ 3 hr breakfast at a truckstop that according to my log was "somewhere in Texas"


my route was Tucson AZ to Killgore Texas, and I left AZ at 1200 in the afternoon

Lesson I learned was get much more sleep in the days leading up to and just shut up and ride!
Perhaps a Chattanooga or Dragon's Tail Rendezvous, with a Nashville Raid enroute?? I believe there are a couple Captain in the NW GA highlands. Isn't there a Druid R3_Rider near Murfreesboro? A great looking tribal blue as I recall??

I don't see a mention of "Regulator" in the SE "User's" Group (we're a "SE R3_ Riders Group" not sucklings Users) but that's not why we're here :D Spread the word on the "membership" only SE...Group. June? Beginning or at the End???

And I'd wager, your paycheck, the Captains in north FLA, Formerly Lower Alabama, could be chastised into inclusion :D
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You know that if you want to get from A to B without interruption you shouldn't mention the plans. :D

TravelGuy, I take it that you take exception to my position about, The Left Coast? Being that Costra Notra Mesa :D is to the far left of me I don't get your drift :D
Absolutely Georgia is a deep Southern Tradition grounded people. almost got me going so far as to explain Christianity in it's unfiltered state.

But perhaps there is a lack of understanding of Sovereignty. Sovereignty enables a separation/wall between good and evil. Oops sorry. I thought you were tending personal.
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