Top Fuel
Jan 3, 2007
Ya know those large ribbed rubber boots on our spark plug holes thats supposed to keep water out of the deep hemi head holes.Well they don't seal worth a shet. When washing the bike I must have gotten a bit of water in there and on two holes the plugs look like they are 10 years old with corrosion.The only way for the water to get out is when the cam cover gets hot enough it makes steam,and with the current running through there its a heaven for corrosion. Mabey mine were just a poor fit but it wouldn't hurt to ck.Blowing them out with compressed air and using some kind of grease to seal the ribbs at the top might prevent it happening again..---ROCKY wasnt it you that was asking what the 12 mm allen was for in the tool kit??-It fits the end of that cheap spark plug wrench in the tool kit..Btw all my cam cover bolts were only finger tight when I took them out..All valve clearances are within tolerance.This ck. is really not that hard for what some have been charged for it. Even lifting the cams if you need shims is easy. Crazy Jack
Mabey we could just stretch condoms over them.Wonder if Flips di-electric grease would thin out with the heat??? Jack
since we're on the subject.. any ideas for longer plug wires.. want to relocate the coils... course i want kate beckinsale too but that may not happen.
Don't know if it would work for this application but...I used to use dry spray graphite on the lower portion of the plug, install it with a piece of tubing over the top of the plug to screw it in without wiping off the graphite. Tighten the plug with a socket and use di-electric grease in the plug boot only. Don't forget to use anti-seeze on the plug threads...SB.
I had exactly the same problem with my spark plugs. Rusty as.
Now I am very careful when cleaning, not to get any water above the head.
I too have sealed mine with di-electric grease, on the contact and used some rubber grease on the boots.
Travel,Iam not sure but I dont think the wires come out of the coils.When you buy new coils they come with the wires sealed in somehow. Iam sure you cant pull them out but mabey they screw out. Anybody know for sure..Jack