Apr 1, 2006
Overland Park, Kansas USA
Itwas a shame that she didn't get more time on the track. It's got to be hard for any rookie under those conditions and pressure to perform. I noticed that wall grab quite a few drivers before the day was over.

I can't even imagine the fine line you have to balance upon when operating at over 220 mph.

Looks like rain for most of the week. I'm trying to get the exhaust taken off so I can get sent to be ceramic coated. Looks like I'll have to postpone riding for a few weeks.
Hey Pianoman, not so fast! How about we make plans to get together & I'll let you use my stockers until yours are returned with coating? If interested, just let me know & we'll make plans to meet somewhere in the middle of our hangouts. If "you" are the one doing the removal, then you could get these on too, right? Or if you are getting assistance, they could do it.

OH, one thing I forgot, do the Staintunes use the stock brackets for securing them in place? If you have different brackets, this may not work for us.

Let me know.
Thanks Anyway

I appreciate the offer but I've got my original set. I just don't know if they'll work on the Staintune CAT box and if I get down there to look, I'll probably not be able to get up without a hoist! :roll:

To tell you the truth, I don't have the right tools to even fit all the metric stuff and since Engle Motors did the switch, I'm going to go over there tomorrow and have them take a peek. They need to look at that front tire anyway so if they can get them off, I'll either store the bike with them or have Chuck drive me home so I can pack up the stuff and get it headed that way.

They told me 3-5 days turn around so I'm only going to be off the beast a few weeks. Small price to pay for hopefully a one off exhaust look.

Milka actually was doing very well before the crash. She started at 29th and was up to 22nd. Her crew was actually very happy with her. Milka's agent also represents Dario who won so he was a happy camper! Milka heads for Ft. Worth next.
It seems that Milka is quite the ambassador. She has grabbed for an opportunity to race and people on all sides of her have somewhat of an agenda, don't they? It looks like to me she just wants to work the crowds to promote the IRL in an attempt to keep racing.

I say we ****can the politics and give this brave girl some free press. Let's keep an eye on Ft. Worth and if she will let us maybe we can adopt her as our official IRL racer..:D
I think I am missing hooking up with Paul and the Texas Riders because I am meeting Milka in Dallas for the IRL in Ft. Worth. You cannot imagine what a wonderful person she is. Bright, charming and you are right Tom, she has no political agenda. She has taken some heat for her relationship with Chavez. I will pass on to her your thoughts and see if I can't get her hooked on a Rocket III....that would be hot!