** SOLD ** Morgan 4 column CarbTune II with tool pouch, hoses, and restrictors

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    Morgan 4-column CarbTune II with the optional tool pouch, including; tubing, user manual and tubing restrictors. Does not include any adapters since my Valkyrie already came equipped with 5mm intake taps. The various adapters are readily available from Morgan.

    This precision test equipment works to balance the throttle bodies on multi-cylinder fuel injected engines and also multi-cylinder bikes that have from two to six carburetors. This is one of the best units available for 4 cylinder carbureted engines. It does not use any fluids, such as mercury, thereby avoiding sucking fluid into an engine or spilling toxic mercury.

    I used this gauge one time for my Valkyrie but I no longer need it. I now have a six channel electronic carburetor balancing unit. The CarbTune 4-column balance procedure for six carburetors engines use a base carburetor (#3 on the Valkyrie) and then combinations of three carbs until all readings balance. Time consuming and avoids burnt fingers changing tubing. My fat fingers don’t fit well between the intakes and my dexterity and eyesight isn’t what it used to be...

    This is not the current CarbTune Pro unit...according to Morgan it is still a great unit.

    Morgan Carbtune - carburetor synchronizer for balancing motorcycle carbs

    Sold for $99

    Feel free to ask questions.
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