So soon into Spring, so many motorbike accidents


Mar 8, 2006
Body:West Central Missouri, Mind: Yes I are.
Out here in the sticks you would think motorbike accidents would be far and few between. Just yesterday two more in Sedalia. One bike was rear ended as he was slowing down. Male cager was cited for careless and imprudent driving. Biker in fair condition in hospital. In another incident a women switched lanes to make a quick turn into K-mart.....oops, she didn't see the motorbike she cut off so he plowed into her car. Biker was treated and released. No mention of any citations but women said she didn't see the motorbike. This is only two of the less severe ones. There are many more,....too many.....:(

About one a week in our region of 38,000 people.........:eek:
It seems the news media loves motorcycle accidents and plane crashes, doesn't it? You probably had many more serious car and truck accidents during that same time but it was the motorcycle that made it onto the news. And they always have to make some comment on whether they were wearing helmets, implying that the Motorcyclist was somehow to blame even though he had a helmet and he was rear ended by a drunken 91 year old coot.....:mad: