Living Legend
Feb 25, 2006
I have added some smilies but the smilie system has gone south for a bit..... smilies in old posts have gone to "code"... please bear with us while I try to straigten this out...kk:
Hopefully... the smilie system is back up and working. There will be a few very recent posts that the smilies won't work because Shawn fixed the code for them and the first code that we used briefly no longer exists, and therefore they don't work. There is probably only 5 or 10 individual smilies on the entire site that won't work :flame:, but all in all, it appears that things are back to normal on the smilie front....

Sorry about the confusion!!!:bch:
OK by for too me,but I kind of like the puke dude!Thanks for putting in all the extra work to keep this place running,now,If I could just get my machine to work as good as my Rightiously Red Rocket;)
The puke dude is still there....:sick:

In fact... I think he was the one causing all the problems, his little bit of code was being recognized by the photo album I think and things became confused...

I'll move over some more smilies later... I think I can clean up the "menu" also...