Smashville Part 2


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Nov 30, 2006
Molino, FL
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I forgot to mention that my group (HeR3tic, Dave/Scot, Joseph/to be named later, and myself) got rained on about 5 times on the way up, but each time didn't last too long and we were pretty much able to dry out by the time we arrived at the Super .

One of the stranger pictures I took at Hooters on Friday was this one:

I mean, what can you say but...he looks, it is hard to believe we may have ridden that long (wide open on that one...I know) with a gay Harley rider from Crestview...but he did keep up with us (we were only doing 75 to 90 mph).

On Saturday he somehow got a demo ride on a Rocket, and before you know it, saw the error of his ways, traded in his Harley, got a red Rocket, and went straight...all in one day who knew, it says a great deal about the "theraputic" powers of the Rocket.

From the dealership we went to the Bikini Bar and I'm telling you nothing sticks out more than three relatively clean cut guys, riding on Rockets and drinking Cokes, boy were we "different".

From there we went to Hooters for dinner, little knowing what was in store later on. We finished dinner and went back to our bikes and Joseph had a bad turn of events happen to him. We all had left out helmets on our bikes, but someone liked Joseph's $300 helmet (with new mirrored visor to replace one he cracked at the Super 8), a rain jacket, gloves and other say the least he was one unhappy camper and with good reason. To keep things straight this was a different Hooter's than where we ate Friday night.

To make a long story short, after searching for a new helmet at a Watmart, Auto Zone, Advance Auto parts and a pawn shop (closed at 5:30 was now around 9:30 pm) we ended up riding with me up front, a helmetless Joseph in the middle, with Dave bringing up the rear. By the way Tennessee is a mandatory helmet state.
Part 3 to follow.
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Just to let everyone know what the bikini bar is, when you leave the place you wipe your feet to keep the outside clean, one drunk idiot shouting at us when we were leaving to do a burn out, we all love burning the rubber of off our $300 tyres to amuse some Forest Gump fool.

You got that right. Don't forget the 82 year old idiot that talked to us at the T/A Truck Stop in Montgomery, Alabama, he cut to the chase...said he wanted a WHAR (whore), no questions asked...not sure why he thought we could help as we just rode in.