Jun 23, 2006
Hey ya all,
Bought my R3 in early spring. It is, quite simply put, a great bike! Looking forward to some good discussions.
Texas must have some good Triumph sales people :D

It probably has more to do with good motorsikle weather and lots of miles to cover... perfect for the Rocket..

Howdy Partner

TTG...... Welcome to the ever increasing group of R3 owners who love to ride, eat Harley's for breakfast and never get tired of grinning. I think you'll find this an informative and fun site to learn, laugh and share good stuff.

All Y'all down there in Texas ride safe. This evening I'm fixin to put a few miles on the beast myself. :D
Thanks guys. The first 1,000 miles I had some issues with clunking tranny, but that has mellowed out after passing the 1,500 marker. It's just a great bike. I'm very tall and am having a custom seat made to help out with the leg room, not to mention the stock seat is a bit uncomfortable. See ya around. By the way, I got the fastest one - black!
The Black One

Ah yes......... I've seen that color before. I remember riding my Cardinal Red and seeing it in the rear view mirror!

To tell you the truth...they're all great colors if they're attached to an R3. Link Removed

If I could figure out a way to put my family Tartan on the bike....... I would.

Glad the noise went away. Any response from the dealer as to what it might be and if it could be repaired. Might as well take advantage of the 2 year full warranty.

Ride Safe

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