Site Move preparation!!


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Feb 25, 2006
As you may have heard, we are getting to upgrade the website and move to a new server during that process. Some things have been done in preparation for this move.

Banned users have been removed completely from the database. These users were all spammers, none were regular users.

Regular users who never posted.... even once... were removed. This was done only to simplify our database as all these people were inactive.

All regular forums were left intact and will be "backed up" during the move.

We will move to the new server first, and when that is complete we will upgrade the site.

Depending on how this process goes, you may see a temporary page for a short period of time, or possibly a "Website unavailable" message.

Other things have been done to steamline the site for the move, other than the Mods, you will not see any difference in the site.

If you have any questions or comments, please post them here. The move is getting close, possibly starting this weekend or next week.

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We haven't designed the new look or format yet.... I can change the look, colors, width and design to anything we want. We picked this grey scheme out because I thought it was easy on the eye and stood apart from most other forums.

We may put more color into it, our home page will over time become more lively and animated. We can basically do anything we want, but I don't want to change the look of the forum every day because people get used to coming here and it feels like home.

We also don't want to loose anyone but the spammers. Only the spammers have been banned. We simply removed people who signed on a long time ago but have never posted even once. Maybe some of these people lurk here, and after we make the move they are welcome to re register. Most haven't shown any activity at all. Our only intention is to streamline things for the move, and it doesn't make sense to carry over a group of members that really don't contribute or care about our site. I know some sites make a big deal about the number of members they have, but in reality they are just like us and only have a certain number of core members who do most of the posting, ect. I would much rather have our numbers reflect the amount of actual users. I encourage all who are registered here to post once in awhile, your opinions and thoughts are valuable and interesting, and this is a very friendly website. No one is going to beat you up for posting here, on the contrary, you will probably get invited out for lunch:D...
You got it Flip.... Would you like some sweet potato fries with that? And what about Bart... he looks hungry..:roll:
Another road trip?

I'd like another shot at putting some "root" with my beer this time. Pianoman stated the mug of rootbeer served at Sedalia (sorry, I can never recall to how to spell the name of the BBQ place with the wireless menu concept) is great. By the time we got there, I figured more of the travelers would partake but was supprised to see that only Raymonds smiley gal friend (sorry, I can't recall that bit of information (her name) either Raymond) & I had some barleypops. I'd sure like to be a part of another ride (knowing that Vonbonds would most likely not be there again) to anywhere with the group. I thought I was going to visit with Raymond again by a $$$ transaction but that may not happen.

So, anyone wishing to try it again, I'm game, as long as there is no snow on the ground.
The move to the new server is done. If you notice any glitches please let me know. Some people may have to clear their cookies if they are experiencing troubles with auto log in ect. ect.

The photo album was the worst according to Shawn, and that is a seperate piece of software (a "plug in") but appears to be working fine now. Photo albums seem to be a problem everywhere :D

The reason things look just the same is that we still have to install the updated V Bulletin.
It appears that things are faster... go load a photo out of the photo album and you will see. (Unless you are using dial up,then things will always be slow:eek:)