Screwed by Triumph again


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Jul 9, 2007
I wish the *******s at Triumph would pull their heads out of their asses when it comes to their accessories. I have wrote before about their ****ty quality control, wrong instructions, missing parts and things that just don’t fit. Well here is the latest pain. A couple of weeks ago I ordered a new chrome oil tank from NCY during their Thanksgiving Day Sale, got 20% off and have nothing but nice things to say about NCY. Today I spent most of the morning pulling the throttle bodies off to install the new tank. After getting the old tank off I put it next to the chrome one and guess what they are not the same, more specifically the fitting that slides into the engine block on the chrome tank is a much bigger diameter than the one on the tank that I pulled from the bike. My first reaction was, “What the Fu**:eek:”, and thought they had sent me the wrong tank. I looked at my invoice from NCY and the P/N matched what was on the oil tank box. I then went to NCY’s website and noticed that the VIN cut off number was VIN 279483, to determine what tank to order. VINs up to 279483 need P/N A9733603, VINs after 279484 need P/N A9730136. My VIN ends with 278026 so according to NCY’s website I need P/N A9733603 but I know that I ordered P/N A9730136 and that’s just what I received. I also notice on their website and every other Triumph Dealership website that the chrome oil tank now has a lower price than when I ordered mine a couple of weeks ago.

Let me guess, at about this point you are thinking this guy is a moron and ordered the wrong part, and that’s just what I thought at first, but please read on.
I’m sure that at the time I ordered the tank that I ordered the right one. But now thinking I needed the earlier style tank, I remembered that someone had a new one for sale on the Rocket web forum. I found the post in the classified section and noticed that the VIN cut off listed on the post was VIN 237540. Now I’m thinking what’s up, so I go to Triumphs own website and sure enough they list the VIN cut off 237540. I’m telling you that within the last two weeks the VIN cut off number changed from 237540 to 279483 on NYC’s and every other US Triumph Dealerships website.

Now my bike is all apart and will be until I can get the correct chrome oil tank. I will contact NCY tomorrow and see what we can work out. So if a chrome oil tank is in your future make sure you get the right one, though I’m not really sure how you make sure you’ll get the right one. Fu**ing Triumph *******s!!!:mad:
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That is the same experience I have had with Triumph OEM parts , they try to recognize parts by serial # Instead of model of bike , very frustrating ; It rubs my parts man the wrong also , but he has learned to overcome and adapt! I feel for you BRO! I think it SUCKS!:mad:
Similar to my 1993.5 Ford F350 7.3 Turbo. My VIN said it was a 1994 direct injection turbo. Which it is.. sort of. It's actually '93 indirect injection turbo, which does not exist. But it does exist. I've since sold it, but I always had to have the actual part in my hand at Autozone or where ever (be it starter, water pump, A/C parts, etc.) to show them the real part versus what they had listed by VIN.

Triumph is definitely not the only one.
You're from California right?

Just kidding. I don't have anything comforting to say, other than I do feel the pain. Mine was down for a full month before I got it back. It was agony. And these were professional T mechanics jack-in me around. So, now that I think about it I've another anniversary next month :D
I contacted NCY yesterday and was told to just send it back and they will send me the right one. I shipped it back yesterday so in a week or so I'll have the right one, I hope. I think this is the last Triumph accessory that I plan on buying after spending more than 5k:eek: in the last 5 months between the R3 and my Tiger.