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Nov 25, 2006
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There hasn't been much consensus herein on communications devices, whether bike to bike or otherwise. I'd hoped to find herein ( some sort of group preferences or at the very least a discussion on which units were found to be of value, in every sense. The breadth of types and the vasteness of costs are mind boggling. You have those wanting to bring along their living room stereos equivalents, along with the sofa chair, GPS devices, GMRS/FRS com device, CB radios, scanner, ATR, and last but not least rider to passenger comm. though there hasn't been much discussion, herein, on this last aspect. I've seen one response on the Scala Rider... Thanks Molinoman.

I'm going to go with the Scala...Teamset, in addition to the Chatterbox GMRS X1 for B2B communications. I think I got an awesome deal on the Teamset. Any suggestion or input is hugely welcomed. I don't mean to get into the purist pursuits. Is the Chatterbox GMRS working for you. Does the Scala...Teamset work as advertised; and, is it flexible enough to playback audio from a cellphone or other BT music devices. The information from Scala is rather vague. Their pictoral presentation (manufacuture sites) of a pair of headsets is nowhere backed up by contents lists, I'm hoping on a pair. The specifications should lead one to believe there are two; but, in this world of #$%^@ and @#$%^ you can hardly be assured of anything. Just call me a pessimistic heretik. At the same time they don't offer an optional 2nd Teamset headset, so that should be a good sign:confused:

Edit: The Teamset does have two headset; per users manual.

I'm banking on $3.90/gal over the 4th:eek: Be safe and in remembrance on this Memorial Day.:bch:
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Scala Rider

Unfortunately, my Scala setup is only for bluetooth capability to my cell phone. I did buy an extra helmet adapter (with mic and earphone) for my second helmet (I use helmet with shaded visor during day and another helmet with clear for night use). The extra setup cost (I think) about $39.95 and I just switch off the bluetooth unit between the two helmets.
As for the team rider series, can't help you there, hopefully you are right in that it will come in two unit lots, but I wouldn't be surprised if it didn't.
Keep us posted.
AutoCom for some of us

We've talked about it several times but never got in to a knockdown, dragout discussion as to what unit was liked the most and costs involved. Here's what several of us (Pig9r, Rusty and me).

Autocom is our choice.

Pig9r and I run the Super Pro AVI and I believe Rusty got the Active Plus.

I'm running the Super Pro AVI with the following things through it with no problem:

Kenwood TK-3131 Bike to Bike radio
TomTom Rider GPS
Pioneer Inno MP3/XM radio
Sprint Sanyo cell phone
Escort Passport 8500 X50 Radar Detector

Hope this helps.
How About This

And I still have an 8 track
I'd just gotten back from 3 years overseas with the Army and had six months to go. They stationed me at Ft. Riley which was within 90 minutes of my home in KC. I'd get a pass every weekend ( I knew the morning reports clerk) and head homeward bound. I had purchased a 1962 Chevy Bel Air and it had nothing except used tires, shredded seat covers and no speedometer or radio.

I'll fix that problem. My dad had an old stop watch that still worked and every so often on the round trip from the Fort I'd check against the mile markers. I got to be pretty good at holding 80mph. That was legal then! But what to do for music. Geez, a musician without music is like.......... real quiet!

Stopped in my old college town of Lawrence, Kansas and went directly to my favorite junk yard where my college cars were related to almost all the junks in the place. There, in the office, was this beauty of a tape player. He'd even cleaned it up and polished the knobs so what was I to do. For the sum of $25 ( I talked him down to $15) he sold me the player, installed it, put in two speakers in the dash and gave me two free tapes. Here's the bad news........ it was a 4 track and for six months I listened to Hank Williams Sr. and The Supremes. Near the end I found silence WAS GOLDEN!!!!

Another road story from the musical vagabond and palm reading devotee. ( I'm kidding about the palm reading)

Busa...... You don't mean the ones that made that 60 cycle hummmmmmm because you were plugged into an un-grounded circut or just bad tubes? Several years ago they started making amps for guitar players using the old tube technology. Actually makes a great, full sound compared to the sterile digital version. I'd compare it to the richness of film over perfect digitizing.
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My Buick has a tube radio Jack... and it works. It takes maybe 30 seconds or so to warm up but it gets-r-done. A huge grille at the bottom of the dash with a 6x9..:bch: