raymond braswell

Jul 24, 2006
Kansas City, Missouri
I don't know if it was Toystoretom or someone else, but scheduling a chat room party on Valentines Day is kind of a bonehead move! I mean I am not one to talk because I have not done very well at this marraige thing, but if any of you guys that are married or have significant others spend Valentines evening in a chat room with a bunch of frustrated bikers "you'll be sleeping single in a double bed!":(
I hear ya, Raymond. I'm going to the girlfriend's house, cooking us a couple of juicy steaks, opening a nice bottle of wine, giving her the flowers and candy, etc., then on to the main event!;) [No computers involved!] Nothing fancy, just a nice evening alone together.

What about the rest of you mugs? Big plans, or have you been married too long?

My ex's birthday was Feb 12, so I used to get hit double!:(
Try This

A dozen Chocolate covered strawberries, 6 dark and 6 milk was such a hit last year I'm going for a repeat. These suckers were the size of Jumbo eggs. My wife was floored. I hope I get the same traction this year. We always go out to a very nice place for dinner too.

If you never got CCS before you are in for a REAL treat......and so is she.:D Much cheaper than diamonds.....:)

Thanks Tom but I only need three a year and uncle sam gives me those. Spammers, just another version of greedy americans.