Russell Day Long Saddle pics are posted


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Oct 30, 2006
Finally got the pics up, what do ya think? The seat cost more than my dad's 1969 Honda 350 when he bought in brand new.
Makes my ass feel good just looking at it.

Prediction: The next post will be from Flip. It won't have anything to do with the seat but will be regarding some object or observation of something in the background of the photos.

Thats just beautiful..Mabey my old ass would like that..Can you run It out here for me to try out???? Jack
:evil: Maybe you can talk Raymond into getting one for his bike so at the next RAA Flip will be more comfortable and won't have to hold on so tight.:evil::D:D
The wifey just scoped that seat out and it made her all teary eyed . . . how do I get my hands on one?? What seat did you start with to send them?? 2 piece? Did the seat you sent them have a backrest?
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