Royal Enfield on the heels of Triumph.


Mar 8, 2006
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Royal Enfield plans to boost 2007 production 10%, bringing it close to Triumphs.

Royal Enfield report that UK sales of its Bullet motorcycle, now in its 52nd year of production, rose by 6% during 2006, which compares well to the overall market that managed an increase of just 1% over 2005.
Demand grew for both the 350cc model, (which is virtually unchanged in appearance since 1955), and the 500cc version, powered by a new alloy 5-speed engine, both of which deliver incredible fuel economy. Several journalists have reported achieving a figure of 100 MPG riding the lean Burn Bullet Electra, which means that it is possible to travel up to 300 miles on a tank of unleaded petrol costing £12.00 to fill.
Last year the factory, located in Chennai [Madras], produced 33,000 machines and plans are in place to boost production by 10% for 2007, bringing it close to Triumph’s latest quoted figure of 37,400 machines.
“The factory struggled to keep up with demand from Europe last year and that’s held back our plans for growth,” notes Ben Matthews, UK Sales Director for Royal Enfield. “We’ve substantially increased our forward order from the factory for the coming year and we’re gearing up for our best year to date.”
Registrations of new Bullets also compared well to other famous motorcycle marques; Royal Enfield comfortably outsold Moto Guzzi and Buell in Britain during 2006.
Prices for the Royal Enfield Bullet start at £1,999 for the Classic 350cc model. The lean burn 500cc Electra sells for £3,532 on the road.
Notes - the Royal Enfield factory in India was constructed in 1955 to produce motorcycles for the Indian military & civil authorities. The UK is the factory’s biggest export market.
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Not Bad

I have ridden one. You can cruise all day at about 45-50 mph on the one lunger, but I wouldn't suggest taking it out on the interstate.
Maybe it's me Hondax

Britman, So it really can't cruise @ highway speeds? That seems odd.

I have not ridden one ,....yet. Another impressive thing is running @ or about 100mpg. A real money saver for sure.
The 500 I rode, was well over a year ago. In comparison, to my old 55 Matchless, yes the Royal was a speed demon. When you crank it up above 65 mph mark the machine certainly let you know it. Alot of vibration and the feeling you were pushing it too hard. As a great knock around bike, fits the bill, but as a long distance commuter, I would take the train. Maybe I was on a dog, it had just been rebuilt after frying a piston under warranty. I still look for a cheap used one on e-bay, so who knows. Try one and let me know what you think.
I have heard a lot of comments about Enfields (Made in India) having piston and cylinder problems, along with some crank problems. Most need major work between 1000 and 2000 miles it seems. Baxter carried them and the ones I saw had some quality control issues, some of it was visable such as poor chrome and paint work. The mechanics complained that they had to rebuild many of them even before they had ever been delivered to the first retail customer. Lately, they have said quality has improved some.