Rode to Italy... Texas


Living Legend
Oct 30, 2006
:D This past weekend I took a little rode trip to Italy that was put on by my local dealer and we managed to log a little over 300 miles and had a great time. There where 7 of us in all and several brands where represented. There was three Ducs, a Victory and three Triumphs ( a Bonnie, Tiger and a Rocket). The dealer was an excellent host, he bought breakfast, lunch and paid for our gas. I did not know it a the time but they where having a Moto Guzzi rally in Italy. It's interesting the different types of crowds you see at the various meets. There was no flashing of breast, not too many tatoo's and no body seemed to be drunk. The only loud noise that there was came from the two Harleys that showed up. The local police where pretty bored. It was fun trying to keep up with the owner in the twisties, he was on a Duc. I had the only Rocket at the meet ( go figure), so that was kinda cool. I posted pics in my album of various bikes ( mostly Moto's). Any way it was fun to get out. I'm headed for the Harvest Classic in two weeks, more pics to follow.:D
I don't believe I've ever made it to Italy. I have been through Paris though (no.. not the Hilton variety.. ;) ) Sounds like a fun ride. I am also hoping to make the Harvest Classic..