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Mar 11, 2006
Hi Guys and Girlies (any registered yet?) from the Australian/African connection.

BigWilly on other rocket sites and a past life. Rocket gives my willy a totally new and awesome dimension, as the Rocket 111 motorcycle has to my leisure time :D

Look forward to enjoying posts and contributing when able to
Glad to see you're still breathing Big... opps, Rocketwillie! When you going to be home next? You havn't missed much good riding weather... she's been a bit patchy lately.
Mate....flat out in Africa, but hope to be home early April latest.

In Tanzania at the moment, but off to Namibia next week, then Zambia, and on to Egypt. have to get up to North Bay in Canada to sort out some new rigs and equipment ASAP, but will try and put last one off till after my break.

Sun should be breaking out by the time I get home. Am looking forward to some good rides with all the usual suspects........

Cheers, Bill
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RocketWilly said:
Mate....flat out in Africa, but hope to be home early April latest.

Am looking forward to some good rides with all the usual suspects........

Cheers, Bill

Hey Bill, you coulda called us something nicer like "escapees" or "misfits" :D :D :D
ha the moment we can only "suspect" that you "escaped" from the asylum where something might have been mentioned about being a "misfit"..............:D

After seeing photos of you wearing a TARTAN skirt/dress and striking a seductive pose some time ago, my suspicions are leading me in a different direction now!!!!!!!!!:confused: :eek:
Hi Rocketwilly,
Yes, at least one girlie registered! Looking forward to seeing you (and Cath) in April. Keep up the good work.
...hey willy, good to hear your traveling ok, all,s good on the coast, cept on the news they did another clamp down at mt glorius run again...pulled everyone in for the spot check.....anyhows travel well .......see ya when I'm lookin at ya. cheers...nug.:cool:
Hi Michelle and Nugget,

great to hear from you both, and good to be able to chat in yet another (bar) forum.

Looking forward to getting home and getting out and about on the R3 with you all there. Have a bum ankle at the moment, taking 2 young (huge) German Shepherds for a walk on leashes on a goat track in Mwanza. They gave a tug when they saw some goats, just as I was negotiating a large loose rock on the track, and I went c**t up!! (excuse my bad french.....)

Be good to get a Rocket Salvo happening on the coast mid April, perhaps on a day over Easter?
..hey bro....them dogs musta bin hungry....cant blame em for that....did ya ave a good look what the rock or under it just never know...look forward to the ride when you return fur shur.....went up to Rainbow yesterday in the cage with the crew for a look see and fish & chips...{red emperor...delicious}....happens I caught up to the ulyseye's fella's goin same way....but man.....danm if some were just doin 80...90...tops 110...I thought I wont round em up cos their all spread out so far...I'll just be content cruizin along behind...I said ...."we''ll just pretend where all ridin the Rocket and holding the rear" spunky ***** *****, said...."You wouldn't be hangin on the rear......You would have passed em all by now and be gone.".....Arrrr yes...sooooo so true spunky ***** come she's allways right...:cool:

...its a Rocket...I can't help it....
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