Rocket's for 2008

There ain't much to report on the UK site either. A new reddish hue for the Std Rocket, called "Claret" (still no BRG :() and, with regards to the Classic, both the return (yes!) of the splendid "Cherry Red/New England White" paint job and a half-new finish, i.e. "Pacific Blue/Aluminium".

No "Super Rocket 3" (although supposedly factory-originating pics of it were shown in the Euro press a month ago,.... ) and no "Rocket Tourer", either:confused:

The novelties are elsewhere: Fuel Injection an all the twins cleverly hidden within dummy carburerators (we discussed that already here, though) and a revamped 1050 Speed Triple, featuring new wheels, a leaner rear lamp/plate assembly, a Magura bar, etc. These improvements, somewhat ironically, visually differentiate it from its lil' sister, the 675 Steet Triple, while Triumph had evidently tried hard to cause the 675 to look like the 1050. :rolleyes:

Now, I am told that the site has just been updated to coincide wit the opening of the Paris Motorcycle show (today Sep. 30-0ct. 7). Next will be the Milano show, where Triumph is expected to unveil other things...

Geeze... PM started out by making bling calipers up in Omaha out of a little brick building down around 36th and L streets. They were (and probably still are) pretty much just some Harley eye candy and not really any kind of performance upgrade at all. I think most of that stuff was machined out of blocks of billet and polished up. As the Harley craze grew, so did their business.

Nissin, Nissan, its all junk :D