Rockets Across America III


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Mar 5, 2006
Kansas City, MO USA
Since Ray Ray is MIA, it's time someone got the ball rolling and Flip has been busting my chops what kind of ideas do we have and what dates do we have in mind. Past locations have been KC and Nashville. I have missed the last two because of work and family commitments, so no more excuses for me, lets make it a good one.
It's about time......

Geeze, I can make it a business trip. All I have to do is pack some goodies in a saddlebag and it's all tax deductible........:D

I'm game for anywhere, anytime, except probably the first week in may and the first week in July and the third week in August 'cause I'll be haying, but if it comes about on any of those weeks, I'll put 'business' before business and come anyway.

Jack was talking about going out to Cheyenne and seeing his sheep, but he may change his mind.

If I had my druthers, I'd do Maggie Valley, The Dragon and the Cherahola Skyway (I think I spelled it right). Ed & Carol and myself stayed in Maggie Valley on the way to Nashville last year and Maggie Valley is really biker friendly plus you have the Blue Ridge Parkway right there as well as the Smokies. I believe I can get the owner of the motel where we stayed to reserve the place for us. He's a biker too. Nice place, really clean, right on the main drag. He even provides a hose and soap and towels to wash your bike with. You have the Dragon to drag your pegs on, the Skyway for a more relaxed ride and the Parkway for a nice ride at 45 per and fantastic views at every turn. If you look in my album, you'll find lots of pictures of Maggie Valley and the Parkway. That area, while a bit commercial is light years more relaxed than Nashville.

Again, that's my preference but I'll ride anywhere even if the Rock makes part of the trip on the trailer.

Well, I'll stick my foot in the water with a few ideas. My first choice would be some place approximately the same distance from the middle as Nashville was last year. That would be Bloomington, Mn or Dallas, Tx or the Denver area. Several years ago, I attended a 3 day event in Colorado Springs and not only enjoyed the great scenery but it was a small enough town to get around easily and provide some mountain riding.

We're spoiled living in the mid west where a circle including Indianapolis, Bloomington, Dallas and Denver are all about the same distance for us. The problem is trying to find a location that a greater number of Captains can join us.

I know it's hard for the two coasts to make such a long journey and maybe we should divide the country into, lets say, 8 sections. Each year we'll ride to a different one and thus giving at least those close to that section a chance to realistically attend. East coast riders probably won't make it to Arizona or California and West coasters will more than likely miss a get together in Vermont.

What might be an alternative is several sections that are too far away from wherever we choose could hold a mini rally. Then the following year, the other farthest away sections would do the same. Of course, it would be great if anyone wants to IRON BUTT.

Just a thought.
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Whatdayoudo in Bloomington anway? Now, if you want Texas, make it hill country around Austin.

Actually, it would be nice if each year the location was chosen for the largest concentration of forum members in a particular place. A good example would be you guys in Kansas City, or the Captains in Texas. That way, we could have a group ride on a roads and go to places that our fellow posters know are excellent and it wouldn't be a crapshoot. The ride to Hooters was, well, unforgettable.

Basically, we all got to Nashville not knowing what to expect......Fond memories of the Taliban8.:D

That's how the USCA does their yearly rally. They demographically pick the largest concentration each year and then make a list and pick a different spot if that concentration is repetitive. That way, the local praticipants set the agenda and the rides to all the good spots.
The Maggie Valley area would certainly be easy for me, but I guess it should be based on number of riders who can try to attend. Having missed the last two also, I would like to make this one.
Chilhowee is more correct. The way I hear it, you best be within your performance maximum to do the Dragon. I missed my Fall season target to ride it. I'll going there for the Summer warm-up season.
Pianoman, I think I understand what you're saying; there's no rule against several RAIDs? East, central and western rendezvous' for 2008 could be an all inclusive year?
Just a thought

If there are alot of use in the centrel states how about Carlsbad
New Mexico. It's a nice small town close to the cavens and And we can ride the Guadalupe mountains. I have been there hunting a couple times.
It would be a remarkable achievement and testament to the thunder of the Rocket III Captains, if the entire country came alive simultaneously: East, west, north, south...
I would like to make the RAA this year also. but the timeing has to be right for me, I'll go any where but like flip if its over a two day jaunt on way, it may be a trailer trip